it’s up to you.

Just meet and decide. We’re not married yet, and if your girlfriend is such a good girl now, there are a lot more men who are better than Sunny, and after having had a lot more women like Sunny, there’s a lot of people who care about her like her as jewelry, but she’s suppressed the same feelings, and if you feel unfair about having a girlfriend now, it’s worse. It’s not less. The advantage of dating is that you can exchange refunds, so you can buy whatever you want. And what’s going on, it’s up to you.

In order to do good politics, you must look at the history of the well-regulated world of the past and the history of the chaotic world. 'Office is not about taking someone I like down. To select and appoint the person who can do the task best. Even if it is still, and a venerable servant to me.' "If you've got a man in charge, don't doubt him. If you have a doubt, don't leave him in charge."

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